Fator’s commitment to supplying fasteners of excellent quality starts with our extensive testing during the manufacturing process and continues until the final validation of the products at our own testing laboratory. All Fator products have traceability codes which means the entire manufacturing process can be tracked, from the raw material to the end product. Our laboratory performs mechanical and chemical tests to ensure the product’s conformity and issue a final certificate for it.

Our laboratory has the following equipment:

  • Universal testing unit, 600 KN traction-compression strength with an extensometer to calculate the elasticity and changes in length of a material.
  • Spark emission spectrometer for chemical analysis in carbon steels and stainless steels.
  • Bench for suitability for preloading tests according to EN 14339-2 (torsion)
  • HRC-HRB durometer.
  • Profile projector for dimensional tests.
  • Metallographic cutting machine for preparing samples.
  • Coating thickness measurement device.
  • Pass/no pass calibration for dimensional thread testing.

On request, we also perform customised product testing, such as fatigue, torsion, folding, creep testing, metallographic analyses, etc. on any product whether in unit mode, prototypes or special fastening systems. Our technical and quality team offers our clients advice tailored to the needs and unique features of the product, incident resolution, analysis, specific material testing, studies and new and existing product development.

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