The FATOR philosophy

foto_obrerosFATOR was created to offer solutions to the complexity of construction works, both through an exhaustive understanding of all the technical possibilities and through the regulatory requirements for each project.

Our main value as a company is therefore to take a proactive approach with clients, because we know how important it is for them to have access to the knowledge and commitment of professionals who support them throughout the project process.

Our approach

The professional and personal qualities of our team are key to the way in which we work: joining forces with our clients.

We like to listen to our clients and, above all, to exceed their expectations. We take the initiative. We go a step further. We question, research, test, suggest, take risks; we go to every extreme to find the best solution for each situation.

The only way we can work like this is to have a close, direct and affable relationship with our clients. That’s why we strive to offer the most personalised customer service possible, trying to anticipate their needs in order to better meet those needs.

To achieve excellence in the fulfilment of our objectives, we pursue optimum efficiency throughout the process: working with aligned teams, optimising resources and time and drawing on all of our experience. Always with the aim of adding value both to the client and the project.

Our cornerstones

All our efforts are underpinned by our cornerstones:

icon-misionReliability: Our top priority when manufacturing or distributing any of our products is to provide maximum confidence and safety. This means that our products always meet the project specifications, as regards their form, strength and treatment, ensuring they have all the relevant endorsements. At our laboratory we also carry out the required tests before delivering a product to the client.

icon-misionExpertise: With over 30 years experience, the quality of our professionals, our commitment to maintaining our standards at all times and our proactive approach in any project, we are at the forefront of our sector in terms of knowledge. That is why working with FATOR means working with the best experts in the field of fasteners.

icon-misionComprehensive service: We like to be involved in all projects in a special way, throughout the working process. Our impeccable service and technical advice spans from pre-sales to after-sales, offering monitoring and support until project completion.