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Albino García

In 1979, Albino García founded the company TORNILLERÍA INDUSTRIAL in response to the growing construction industry in Spain. After years of successful growth in various industrial sectors, in 1992 the firm began its international expansion process, alongside continuous development that brought the company endorsements and certificates accrediting the quality of its products and enabling it to enter new specialised sectors. Today, FATOR is run by the second generation of the García family, and is a global leader in fasteners. 

Mission and vision statement 



We want to be an indispensible partner in the field of fasteners in large-scale engineering and construction projects around the world.

  • Our aim is to help make our clients’ dreams, ideas and plans a reality, ensuring that our contribution is a special and essential factor in this.
  • We are passionate about the most innovative cutting-edge projects that engineers and architects are able to devise.


We will achieve our objective through the reliability of our products, through the knowledge and commitment of our team, and through our ability to support our clients at all times. 

Manufacture and sale

nave7We have our own factory to give us total control over production, which translates into quality, price and flexibility of turnarounds for our clients. We also have over 8,000 standardised and special product references, permanently available in stock. 


almacen Our modern warehouses are equipped with a fully robotised storage system, which enables an average of 6,000 tons of stock to be processed. Through this system, we can ensure maximum speed of dispatch to fulfil our clients’ orders.


We are a benchmark company in both in the Spanish and international market, where we maintain an expansion policy geared towards growth both in emerging countries and emerging sectors. These are the countries where we operate: mapa-mundi